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What is GelProllage™?

The “GelProllage” technique involves creating collaged artwork directly on a gelatin printing plate.

GelProllage is not to be confused with creating collage artwork from gelatin generated prints.   With GelProllage, the collaging is being done DIRECTLY on the gel plate using a combination of multiple elements, then pulled from the plate. GelProllage CAN be layered for even more interesting prints and artwork. They can also be used in alternative collage art.

The GelProllage technique can be achieved with either a dark or light foreground.   The activation layer needs to be in a contrasting or transparent color for best results.


Gel Print Collage Technique Videos

GelProllage Image Gallery

Below are some of the initial images that I’ve created using this technique

Laurie Trumpet

This site and technique overview is brought to you by Laurie Trumpet Williams.

Hi.  Thank for visiting the website for GelProllage. My name is Laurie Trumpet. You may know me from some of my other art-related activities online.   I’m the founder and administrator for the Alcohol Ink Art Community and  Mixed Media Mad… both large Internet communities on their respective mediums.  I also teach mixed media and alcohol ink art as part of my involvement in those communities.  Additionally, I’m an Internet marketing consultant and help other artists build their businesses online through the use of web technologies and social media. As you may expect, all of these activities keep me pretty busy!   I always say its a labor of love… and it truly is.   I enjoy every second of it and have forged some amazing friendships with those in these communities.

One of my latest passions is working with the gel plate.   I don’t know about you, but I get an intense adrenaline each time I pull a new print and the satisfying nature of laying down paint and mediums has generated a full-on addiction with the gel plate!

Did I say I loved creating gel plate prints?  The gel plate has opened a whole new realm of possibilities for me.   I’m constantly experimenting and brainstorming new ways of creating unique art using this addictive and fun tool!   Not all experiments come out as intended, but I’ve been able to develop a pretty sure-fire system for creating these gel collage prints and that’s what I’m sharing here on this website.  I hope you enjoy.  GelProllage is a name I’ve given to the technique of creating a collage on gel plate, then simply pulling a print.   I’ll use this site to share my techniques and resources, so you too can join in on the fun!

Be sure to use the hashtag  #gelprollage when you create using this medium and tag me @laurietrumpet on Facebook & Instagram so I can see what you’ve done!

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